Nikita Krushchev visits Denmark

From our old archives we found a scrapbook that among other interesting stuff had pictures from Krushchev´s visit to Denmark in 1964. It was a big event for Denmark and one that Copenhagen Limousine Service handled the limousine services for. Of course back then, we were called Marmorbilen (which translates into the Marble Car).

We thought you might enjoy these pictures.

The above headline reads: “Copenhagen is currently Europe´s best guarded ciy”. Nikita Krushchev is visiting Copenhagen and clearly security is of the essence.

Other traffic of course was halted when the car pool containing 38 vehicles passed through in Copenhagen.

Here the car pool of Krushchev´s vehicle and 24 other limousines along with 13 police motor cycles are enroute toward the hotel. Five of the vehicles were for the Danish police and the Sovjet police.

Krushchev´s car surrounded by police excort.

City Hall and City Hall Square.

Copenhagen was not boasting flags in the fashion that is oftentimes used when having vistis from other countries´s or states´s presidents or regents, however, the City Hall square was showing lots of Danish and Russian colors. Only one Russian flag was to be found, but it was big and hung atop the entrance of the City Hall.

Hoards of people had flocked to the square in the hope of a glimpse of Krushchev and he was greeted with big salutations.

Hotel Royal.

Krushchev visits a building complex and an associated adjacent kindergarden of Copenhagen Municipality in Belmannsgade. Krushchev had only appraisals for the complex. Locals were seemly more curious about the visit than actually excited.

Krushchev speaks to the workers at the B&W or Burmeister & Wain. However, during the first part of the visit to Burmeister & Wain, it was actually the wife of the Prime Minister, Nina Krushchev who was the main figure, Godmothering and naming a new ship.

Prime Minister Krushchev and wife were private guests of the Danish Prime Minister and his family for a dinner of shrimps, rack of lamb and strawberries.

The visit also included trip to a pig farm. Denmark has a highly developed agricultural industry and is a world known exporter of many agricultural products such as Danish bacon.

At Fredensborg Castle. This is the castle in which our Queen lives during the summer time.

Wait time utilized for polishing the cars.

Krushchev at Langelinie. This is the quay areay where today all the cruise ships come to port. Copenhagen has become a major cruise destination in the entire Nordic & Baltic area. Cruises often combine visits to some of the Nordic countries, followed by visist to the Baltic area and onwards to St. Petersburgh.

For many years Copenhagen has been voted the best cruise destination or cruise port.

Even today, Copenhagen Limousine Service handles the majority of the limousine services that come to Copenhagen in connection with the cruise ships.

Langelinie is also, by the way where the famed Little Mermaid statue is located.

After the visit to Copenhagen the ensemble continued to Norway. A number of our vehicles followed suit as part of the assignment.