Quality Driving

We have a wide selection of vehicles at your disposal. We drive only the safest, most comfortable cars.

For occasions demanding several vehicles, we are pleased that we are able to provide several high-end luxury or business vehicles that are completely identical, thus giving your venue to most professional appearance.

Mercedes Benz E-class
Smooth, comforting, secure and superior, the E-Class Saloon is the pinnacle of effortless driving. This saloons interior and exterior exemplifies sophistication and refinement to make you feel even more pampered on your journey. You will find the latest Mercedes technology on every aspect of the E-Class Saloon.

Mercedes Benz S-class
The S-Class is the ultimate luxury saloon. Repeatedly referred to as the "best car in the world" by motoring magazines, it is sumptuous and elegant while offering visionary technological innovations. Driving it feels like flying first class.

VW Multivan
For roadshows and business transport for a number of passengers less than 6. This car says full professionalism and gives a great level of comfort and opportunity for meetings during the drive.

Mercedes Benz Viano
As the Mercedes Benz Vito, just bigger and new. This car is the future within vans for the picky. We expect this will be the clear choice for everyone, as soon as they have tried it.

Mercedes Sprinter Minibus
For a majority of transportation solutions for transporting groups of up to 15 passengers (excluding driver) per vehicle, we have chosen the Mercedes Sprinter, which in our fleet is a slightly extended version that offer amble room for passengers as well as luggage. The vehicle has a very smooth and comfortable ride.