Pendler Services

Copenhagen Limousine Service and our sister company The Private Car Company carries out Pendler Services too.

You may not realize it, but several companies are actually already finding the great value of utilizing us for the daily commute between home and work, or simply one location to the other or the transport from airport to hotel or vice versa on a daily basis.

By having a professional driver to take care of the actual driving you are freed up mentally and physically to make better use of your time yourself, whether be it for prepairing for your day, upcoming meetings or simply to relax a little bit either before your hectic day commences or after your work day ends.

Several companies have engaged us to carry out these chauffeur drive services for them on a daily basis and some even with up to several scheduled trips a day. Most notably you will thus also see that we handle a number of crew services (see crew services here).

For a company it can make great sense to make use of this offer from us, as this service eliminates the need to invest in an expensive company car for these purposes. Registration taxes in Denmark are very, very steep so there is a lot of money to be saved by looking into this option.

Furthermore, most companies do not really have the need for a car available to them all the time, not least have the need for a chauffeur sitting idly by to await the next needed trip. Using Copenhagen Limousine Service you will only pay for the actual need you have.

Finally, do you realize that utilizing a chauffeur in Denmark also means that no personal tax for a company car will be in effect? Thus the individual person can actually save a great deal in their personal income tax.

You are bound to find it a greater value than you expected and certainly less expensive than you might think.


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