The countdown to Copenhagen

Count Down to Climate Change Conference 2009

About 200 nations and possibly 15,000 delegates are expected to participate in the Climate Change Conference later this year, more specifically December 7th through December 18th 2009.

It is just about the biggest single event that Denmark has seen and capacities of virtually all lodgings, restaurants and ground transportation are likely to be fully utilized and tested to their extremes.

Copenhagen Limousine Service is also expecting this to be about one of the biggest events ever seen and are making every possible preparation towards towards making everything go as smoothly as possible under the circumstances. Fortunately big events are not new to Copenhagen Limousine Service and we are pleased that we and one of our sister companies, Alterna Limousine Service (, have the greatest experience in the field in Denmark having handled the largest amounts of limousine and private car services in any single big events in the past – one of which was the handling of about 165 vehicles back at a previous UN summit and other events of about 85 and 60 vehicles over extended periods of time.

Certainly such large events are a tour de force, but we have just about the most professional team one could wish for to handle an event such as this and we are knowledgeable of the requirements and challenges that the upcoming event poses.

That said, we cannot stress enough though, the absolute importance for anyone who may require limousine services. private car services or other ground handling services at around that time in Denmark to act now and not tomorrow. This goes naturally also for anyone who will be needing such services at such time even though such need may not be not in direct connection with the actual summit.

Again let us reiterate in no uncertain terms: DO NOT POSTPONE!

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