Our History

Copenhagen Limousine Service is the oldest limousine service company in Denmark and was founded by Axel Pitzner in 1962.

The company, however, also comprises other operators that were found even earlier than this; Marmorbilen (founded in the beginning of the 1940’ies) and Auto Royale (founded in the 1950’ies).

Not least was the establishment of Copenhagen Limousine Service the result of the requests of fathers of American families. They were about to send off their offspring to visit Europe and were particularly anxious about letting their daughters’ tour around on their own. Therefore private cars with chauffeurs who could also act as chaperones were soon a reality.

Once the service with private cars with chauffeurs was opened up for, soon the idea of limousine service was fostered and larger and more luxurious and prestigious limousines were purchased and were on offer.

Today, Copenhagen Limousine Service is one of the largest providers of limousine service in Denmark and provides limousines and related services to a number of different types of clients including, embassies and ministries, multinational and national companies, rock stars and other celebrities, private persons, hotels, tour operators, incoming bureaus and many more.

Copenhagen Limousine Service offers all types of limousine service within Denmark and abroad. Through our representation of several international limousine service companies, including a majority of the largest limousine providers in the world, we can also assist in the provision of limousines in countries far beyond the boundaries of Denmark. More than 500 cities in 120 countries on 5 continents are on offer. These are relations that have lasted in excess of 50 years.

By November 2010 the ownership of Copenhagen Limousine Service was acquired by Morten Rix-Møller, and Copenhagen Limousine Service has after this been part of the largest limousine organization in Denmark.

Our commitment to inducing ever improvements in everything that we do and a continuous search of excellence, striving to supersede our customers every expectations has been a driving force in our expansion of the business, tying closer knots with the clients and the community around us.

Our Archives

From our old archives we found a scrapbook that among other interesting stuff had pictures from Krushchev´s visit to Denmark in 1964. It was a big event for Denmark and one that Copenhagen Limousine Service handled the limousine services forPlease replace with this text “Below you will find pictures from several events dating back to the good old days. We thought you might enjoy these old pictures.

History Image 1

The above headline reads: “Copenhagen is currently Europe´s best gu Show More

History Image 2

Here the car pool of Krushchev´s vehicle and 24 other limousines alon Show More

History Image 3

City Hall and City Hall Square. Copenhagen was not boasting flags in Show More

History Image 4

Hotel Royal.

History Image 5

Krushchev visits a building complex and an associated adjacent kinderg Show More

History Image 6

Krushchev speaks to the workers at the B&W or Burmeister & Wain. Howev Show More

History Image 7

Prime Minister Krushchev and wife were private guests of the Danish Pr Show More

History Image 8

The visit also included trip to a pig farm. Denmark has a highly devel Show More

History Image 9

At Fredensborg Castle. This is the castle in which our Queen lives dur Show More

History Image 10

Wait time utilized for polishing the cars.

History Image 11

Krushchev at Langelinie. This is the quay areay where today all the cr Show More

History Image 12

After the visit to Copenhagen the ensemble continued to Norway. A numb Show More

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