Worldwide Limousine Services

We are proud to be able to serve your transportation needs where ever you go – ALL OVER THE WORLD!

We are the company of its kind in Denmark that has been around the longest time and throughout the many years we have established the most fantastic relations all over the world with the best limousine and chauffeur drive operators that exist.

We have extensive experience with all sorts of limousines service and chauffeur drive needs inbound (i.e. here in Denmark) and outbound (i.e. everywhere else) and we are most happy to service you anywhere you go. We know who to use and who not to use.

Going to London, Madrid, New York, Shanghai, Dubai or Sao Paulo?

Not a problem – Copenhagen Limousine Service can help you everywhere you go.

We can start by picking you up at home and take you to the airport for your departure and when you land wherever you are going, we will have a chauffeur waiting there for you, who will greet you and escort you to your awaiting car and take you to your hotel or your meeting in comfort and at your ease. The chauffeur will take care of your luggage, your best possible route and be of best assistance possible or give you local advice if desired.

You can relax knowing that you are in good hands with reputable companies.

Did you know that we can sometimes actually offer you chauffeur drive services at a cheaper rate than some local taxis?

Yes, it is true. Sometimes such offers are just for temporary periods of time, but at other times these offers are actually more or less permanent.

E.g. at time of writing this (February 2009) we can actually offer several destinations in the New York area as well as in London at rates that are often cheaper than the local taxis.

And if you ever been to New York, I am sure that you might feel safer by making use of one of our trusted service partners vehicles and their professional services.

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